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What we do

We bring internationally acclaimed musicians to the beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula.


We gather in an intimate atmosphere of select private homes that have the requisite space and acoustics for a flawlessly professional concert. At each event we serve ample gourmet food and wine to make it a truly memorable experience. 

Our mission

Music is arguably the greatest form of entertainment. But it's so much more. The right piece performed by the right artist, touches the part of us that's rich and true. It lends our lives special meaning, if only for a brief time. To hear such music, to create these fleeting, uniquely beautiful moments of harmony and beauty - that's our mission. 


This event cannot exist without your generous contributions! Please note that 100% of the funds collected are used to cover the costs of gourmet food and wine, servers, cleaning of the hosting house, chair rentals, piano tuning, Eventbrite's fees and most importantly, to support our wonderful musicians!

© 2023 by Palos Verdes Music Salon

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